1. To ensure and strengthen deaf association establishment in every province in Thailand
2. To promote public health and human right, sports and recreation welfare, and necessary accommodation for deaf and hard of hearing people
3. To promote and preserve educations rights and to provide and support related careers and skills for deaf and hard of hearing people
4. To create opportunities for knowledge and/or experience sharing and expressing opinion between deaf and hard of hearing people and general people
5. To strengthening networking capacity of deaf association across the nation
6. To develop Thai Sign Language including enhancement of Sign Language Translator Centre for better experience and easier to access the service
7. To strengthen cooperation with gorvernmental agencies, private organisations or organisations for the disabled both national and international.   This is not related to politics.
(The Department of Local Administration registered amendments on the 20th of October 2001 and The Department of Provincial Administration has amended the final version at 17 February 2017)

NADT management

     Deaf Association of Thailand is managed by a committee. The committee consist of at least 7 people and no more than 15 (17) people and a president that is selected by a group of representatives from deaf associations and clubs from all provinces in Thailand. (2 representative per deaf association or club of each province) The committee has to stay in position for a 4 years long term and is responsible for overviewing the process at NADT including establishing policy and monitoring to ensure all projects had been proceeding and completed by NADT staffs

Procedures at the Association (NADT)

divided into various groups:

1.Sign language interpreter group

A Sign Language Interpreter is a person who support deaf people to communicate with general people by translate sign language to speaking or writing language. At the moment, NADT has 3 permanent sign language interpreters which is not adequate for servicing all the deaf people and give access to translate service all around Thailand. Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities has provided registration for Thai sign language interpreters and translators in Thailand and allocated budget for sign language translate service in every province via Provincial social development and human security office. NADT has been assigned as sign language translate service center for Bangkok.

2.Member supporting group

NADT is a center for exchanging information between deaf people. And also provide advice and give member and non-member support on various matters, e.g.
 2.1 Membership Application; To provide membership registration
 2.2 Employment Service; To provide support for job searching/opportunity for deaf people
 2.3 Interpeters Service; To provide Sign language translate service in case of meeting a doctor, police, etc.
 2.4 Educational Service; To provide a training to members such as IT training
 2.5 Informational Service; To broadcast useful news to deaf people by brochures, video clips or meetings
 2.6 Counseling Service; To advising deaf people and their relatives

3.Media group (Art and Video)

 This group is responsible for producing media including printing and (moving)picture recording for supporting learning skills of deaf people such as meeting or training recording, sign language recording for broadcasting news to deaf people and seminairs for both deaf and the general public.

4.Sign language group

 4.1 Sign language publishing. There are a few deaf instructors at NADT which are professional in sign language teaching and often cooperate with another organizations providing sign language training to employees at these organizations.
 4.2 Sign language research and development. Due to different meaning of sign language in various region, miscommunication occurs. And some institutions have applied different sign language from other countries. Therefore to standarizing the Thai Sign Language in Thailand, NADT is coordinating the process. All the research is done by deaf people and currently cooperating with Ratchasuda University to participate in seminairs such as social language, specific profession groups sign language, computer jargon sign language and so on.

5.Career training group (stop servicing at the moment)

NADT had establish deaf career training institution in year 1981. They had the aim to provide job training for deaf people who have not been educated before. After that, the institution had changed their name to Training and Development Center under NADT. Moreover, the center had supported some of the deaf people to be trained with government agencies and private organization by considering their appropriated skills. Now, the center has closed down since they are suffering from lack of funding.

6.Acting group (stop servicing at the moment but any occurrence could be temporary depend on an event)

The Deaf Acting program was established with the aim of bringing the performancing arts of the deaf society to the public. They were keen to providing knowledge and entertainment to the deaf community. In addition to being able to increase understanding of the deaf within the general public, it was also to try to promote the career and gain income for the deaf as well. Currently, the performance of the cast was unsuccessful since the actors have faced difficulties to earn their living

Targeted audience

 1. Deaf members all over Thailand
 2. Deaf schools
 3. Related government, public and private organizations
 4. Disabilities organizations in Thailand and oversea
 5. Deaf families and other relatives
 6. Deaf people who have themself registered as disabled


 1. Membership fees
 2. Revenue from the charity tickets sale for the state lottery
 3. Funding support from Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities
 4. Donations from individuals and private organisations

Development planning

1. Publishing Thai Sign Language Books (the project is now halted)
Currently, deaf people have difficulty communicating with general people because they are lack of Thai reading and writing skills. And just a few (hearing) people can communicate with the deaf with by sign language. Above that , sign language interpreters are inadequate to help giving the deaf access to all services from both government agencies and private organization.
To encourage Thai sign language supporting and reducing the gap between the deaf and the general people, the association has launched a project publishing Thai sign language books for accommodating people to learn and the association has been offered the project support and cooperation from the Japanese Federation of the Deaf.
That project had a duration of 3 years (1998-2000).

There are plans to re-launch this project again.

2. World Deaf Leadership Program (the project is now discontinued)
The program was a 3 years project, from a collaboration with Gallaudet University, Ratsuda University and the NADT. The project was supported by funding from the Nippon Foundation Japan with the purpose to train and support deaf leaders in Thailand to be able engaging with the society in economic, social and political perspectives including to be able to providing a training to other deaf people.


If you wish to donate for support the activities mentioned above, you can contact NADT as following detail or telephone 020127459 fax 020127461 email
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checkbox Cheque in name "National association of the deaf in Thailand"
checkbox Transfer to SCB bank Account name National association of the deaf in Thailand, Klongton branch saving account account number 02802-60253-9
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